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High-quality and professional Pool maintenance with the Pool Guyz

Our services include the most thorough pool refurbishments in addition to everything you need for making sure your pool is at its best for everyday use including all of your maintenance needs.

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At Pool Guyz, we offer our clients a partnership and continued help and support.

The Pool Guyz provide daily/weekly/periodical visits for the Client’s pool which consist of:

➢    General cleaning/hoovering

Leaving your pool immaculately clean and fresh with every visit.

➢    Control and correction of chemical levels

Expert revision and verification of chemical levels to make the right adjustments

➢    Equipment maintenance

Technical support for the maintenance of all your pool’s systems, equipment and features



We provide repairs or replacement of all equipment (pool pumps, filters, lighting, chlorine dosifier, heat  pumps, covers).

All work and parts are fully guaranteed. We work with the highest quality materials and our professionals put quality first. You’ll be in the best hands.

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In order to assure the correct and safe functioning of your pool, The Pool Guyz provide:

➢    Pumps and filters giving the correct filtration and cleanliness of the swimming pool water to ensure total safety and visual appeal of your pool’s water.

➢    Chlorine and PH dosifiers /SALT CHLORINATOR that provide the right parameters of the swimming pool water quality, creating a balanced and hygienic environment

➢    Chlorine dosifiers are a scalable and lower cost solution

➢    Our salt chlorinator solutions offer distinct benefits, meaning you won’t need to store chlorine and your pool’s water will be softer and odourless

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➢    The Pool Guyz  give you the full ambience of your swimming pool area installing energy saving or any other type of lighting in and around your pool.

➢    These lighting solutions suit all tastes and make your area vibrant, safe and illuminated

➢    Energy saving lighting solutions using LED technology give you the same aesthetics with less energy wasted. With our In-ground lighting solutions, you’ll enjoy a brighter pool 24/7!

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The Pool Guyz give you the opportunity to use your swimming pool all year round by installing :

➢    Heating systems (heat pumps, solar panels…etc.)

We offer a range of heating systems suited to your taste. From high efficiency heat pumps through to the latest environmentally friendly solar panels.

➢    Various pool covers (bubble covers, polycarbonate, UPVC….) which prevent heat loss

The Pool Guyz provide the pool cover technologies that heat your swimming pool up to 8 degrees and allow you to save money on your bills.

Our different pool covers also reduce the risk of accidents, save water and cut the amount of chemicals you’ll need to use.

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The Pool Guyz use the newest systems and equipment for locating and  repairing any type of leak in any swimming pool, private or communal.

If you suspect that your pool may be leaking, contact us and we’ll come to give you an expert assessment and make a plan to find the best solution.

Our leak repair solutions protect your pool and make it more efficient.


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The Pool Guyz are experts who set an example on the Costa del Sol in swimming pool maintenance, repairs and refurbishment services.  Our most popular professional solutions and services, over time, have allowed us to achieve and grow a long list of clients which include many private and community pools along the coast.

The Pool Guyz specialise in expert pool services guaranteeing quality, safety and the most attractive solutions on the Costa del Sol.  Whether you are based in Marbella, Mijas or anywhere along our beautiful coast, we offer an impressive track-record of 15 years working to offer everything you need for your swimming pool facilities. Our clients at both private home pools and communities are our best salespeople and speak highly of our outstanding quality.

We offer the most efficient solutions in pool cleaning, using stringent health and safety standards as well as the latest processes and technology to ensure that both your pool itself and your water are clean, safe and hygienic.

Why is it important to clean your private home or villa swimming pool?

If you are a homeowner with a private pool, you’ll know the importance of keeping your swimming pool and leisure area clean which means avoiding algae, dirt and poor water quality in addition to a good coating and lining quality for your pool. By using The Pool Guyz, you won’t need to worry about cleaning or hygiene- just enjoying your gorgeous pool!

Are you a community pool manager? Clean your pool with The Pool Guyz

If you manage a communal swimming pool, you’ll know that hygiene is the number one priority. Our stunning towns of Marbella and Mijas enjoy amazing weather all year round and are places where people love to swim and chill by the pool.

Disease prevention and health are important in these environments and we make a full analysis of the best cleaning and maintenance options for your communal pool. Stay safe with The Pool Guyz! Click on the links below to find out more about each one of our specialist swimming pool services.

The Pool Guyz are your solution for Pool cleaning and coating services in Mijas and Marbella on the Costa del Sol.

What our clients say

An excellent job, professionals who have done a great job. totally recommendable. Without a doubt I will go to them again for the maintenance of my community.

Yuri Danme


Whether you want to treat yourself to an attractive refurbishment for cosmetic reasons or make your pool more efficient, The Pool Guyz have the perfect solution.

➢    New pool designs and projects

Whether you have a full idea planned or need some inspiration, we’re here to help you!

➢    Updating and refurbishing an old pool

Using the best equipment and high-quality raw materials

➢    Modernising your pool

At The Pool Guyz, we know our stuff when it comes to the latest pool trends. Our team will guide you through the latest trends and technologies.

➢    Waterproofing

Protect your pool’s structure and materials with high-quality waterproofing solutions

➢    Retiling

Keeping your tiles in good condition and preventing the growth of algae or mould

➢    Grouting

The best grouting solutions to avoid chemical damage and promote longevity


Maintaining your pool and all of its facilities is much more than just a question of making sure your place looks great.

It is also crucial for making sure your pool is efficient, works well and saves on your energy bills. A well-maintained pool will save you money and worries.

Why is good maintenance important for both private home pools and complexes?

Maintenance and repair are essential if you want security when it comes to your favourite pool spaces. A well-maintained pool will make an energy efficient environment and means the pool works well for all of its users, whether that’s your family or guests.

Pool Services Maintenance
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